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bullet Answer : Yes, you can generate your own electricity. However, in general, you must use a renewable source of energy, like solar or wind energy, to sell electricity to a utility.

The requirements for how to connect to and sell electricity to electric utilities vary by state and utility company. Many state governments have "net metering" or other laws and regulations that specify the types of small-scale generators that can be connected to electric utilities and the amount compensated for any excess electrity produced by a generator owner. In some states, each utility determines the requirements for connectivity and any compensation to a generator owner.

bullet Answer : Some electric utility customers have the option to choose an alternate supplier of electricity. This consumer option is often called retail choice. The alternate supplier is the company that generates and/or markets electricity, often referred to as a retail electricity marketer. The alternate supplier may not be the same company that owns the power lines that deliver electricity to your meter distribution utility, or it may be an affiliate of the distribution utility. Some suppliers offer electricity generated from “clean” or “green” energy sources.

Regardless of the supplier, the distribution utility delivers the contracted electricity to a customer's meter and charges for that service. Services may be billed in a consolidated bill where electricity and other costs are itemized separately, or billed separately by the two companies (called dual billing). Some utility customers may have the option to choose their billing preferences.

In general, retail choice is available only for utility customers served by Investor Owned Utilities (IOU). There are a few electric cooperatives, municipal utilities, or government operated utilities that offer retail choice. You may contact your distribution utility or the utility regulatory commission in your state to see if retail choice is an option for you.

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